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Wall Sawing

One of the most versatile ways to remove concrete is through wall sawing and it is an ideal solution for vertical or irregular services. It is an exceptional choice for creating precise cuts in concrete and structures. Homeowners and contractors can benefit from this type of sawing to cut into existing concrete foundations to add windows or doorways to a basement. The process requires a great deal of experience, skill, and training to be precise.

There are a number of common uses for wall sawing including; duct openings, garage doors, building separations, and general concrete alterations. This sawing approach leaves a smooth surface that is often acceptable as a finished product and in most cases with very little dust or clean-up required. Utilizing wet cut diamond blades these saws are able to cut straight lines accessible from a single or two sided structure.

Cutting concrete foundations or retaining walls can lower foundation elevation and this makes it particularly important to hire an experienced professional. Reliable Concrete has the experience in wall sawing to provide clients exceptional cuts that leave a clean finished product.

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Wall Sawing


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