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Slab Sawing

Slab sawing is often one of the most common methods used to cut horizontal surfaces, such as roads, runways, and floors. This type of sawing uses specialized equipment that can be used in commercial and residential applications. It is often used to develop expansion joints, remove damaged pavement, and repair sections of concrete. The procedure is precise and allows additional work to potentially be done during the process.

Concrete cutting can be a large obstacle when taking on a project. This requires specialized equipment and the professional experience to make a job efficient and safe. Compared to older methods of cutting concrete, modern machinery uses an approach for cutting that leaves a smooth finished product.

Slab saws utilize a diamond blade specialized for abrasive surfaces. These blades are designed to grind material through friction with a synthetic bond. Although slab sawing with a diamond blade can be done either wet or dry, using a wet method will prevent overheating and minimize harmful dust particles. The end result is a cleaner job site with better air quality.

Reliable Concrete Cutting has the experience in slab sawing from large to small-scale projects. Some of our previous work includes commercial build outs and road work.


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